What Nobody Was Expecting…

Hello Dear Wine Loving Friends,

Well, what can I say? Life surely is uncertain however did we think that 2020 was going to pan out this way? HELL NO! I don’t know about you, but us at d’Vine Tours were having a rocking year – life was good, business ticking along nicely and we were so excited about new projects in the pipe line for d’Vine.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has swooped in and shaken things up immensely all over the globe. The travel, tourism and hospitality industries have probably suffered the longest and will continue to for some time.

It certainly has been very difficult for all – heavy hearts and many tears knowing that our small business, passion and lively hood has to shut shop. And not knowing for how long for is the most difficult part. What will it be after all of this is over? Will we be able to pull through? What about all the others in our position? What’s going to happen to the tourism industry if we can’t travel for a while? So many questions and only time and patience will tell.

I’m going to use this free time AKA ‘unemployment’ to delve more into my passion for wine – Look out for my blogs on local wines and other great info about our WA wine regions.

Stay in touch! If you are interested in getting more personalised knowledge of my go-to wines and recommendations for local wines and wineries then please do contact me HERE. I’m more than happy to share my knowledge of the Swan and Bickley Valley with you. 

I also encourage you to support those local wineries that we can no longer visit for the time being. Rather than hitting up Dan Murphy’s and other larger bottle shops, purchase your wines from the Swan and Bickley Valley. It’ll mean so much to them and help them survive. Most of the wineries and other venues are doing free deliveries and great specials! As mentioned – if you need advice please do get in touch. 

To support OUR little business during this crisis and to make a loved one smile, why not purchase them a GIFT VOUCHER that they can use when we’re up and running again?? It will make us smile too and keep our business alive 🙂 

Besides.. we’re all going to need a wine tour after this!

Hoping you’re all staying safe (and HOME) and drinking lots of wine 😉

Love Breana xo

Owner/MD & Wine Enthusiast at d’Vine Tours

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