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Hi Guys!

So, last month I had the pleasure of taking Ben Seto, along with Christina Pickard (recently blogged about her work) out on a private tour of the valley. Ben, who was holidaying over here at the time, is an amazing food photographer and blogger. You can check out his page at

Ben also was kind enough to blog about his day out in the valley with d’Vine Tours and you can see the blog here –

Ben Seto actually lives over in the states – San Francisco Bay Area – to be exact (jealous much?!), and Ewen and I just got back from America a couple of days ago. WELL… have I fallen in love with Californian Wines or what?! California has the quintessential environment for producing world class wines – from the wonderful year round weather, to the diversity in terrains and soils. We found it difficult to not pick an amazing wine from the wine list or off the supermarket shelf. I myself usually sip back on a lustrous full-bodied Aussie Shiraz – however on the other side of the world, I couldn’t get enough of the Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. We often found ourselves at a dinner table melting into our seats after each mouthful of the full-bodied red – typically, the wines we were loving, had a deep inky colour, slight tannins which were still silky smooth down the palate, the perfect amount of oak, and bold fruits with usually a spice note or a hint of black olive.

Next time you’re out for a nice meal, or grabbing a bottle of vino from the shop – consider choosing a Californian Cab Sav! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed – and if you are let me know 😉

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