Talijancich Wines

Established in 1932 in the Swan Valley, Talijancich Wine’s third generation winemakers have perfected their craft in premium wines from a bio-dynamically grown vineyard. Shiraz from old vines and Verdelho produce vibrant wines with long-term cellaring potential. Only estate grown fruit is hand-picked and used in the production of their fine wines and traditional winemaking methods are still used. It was the first vineyard in Western Australia to achieve biodynamic certification and all current vintages are vegan friendly.

Talijancich Wines produces luscious, internationally-awarded liqueurs, full-bodied whites and earthy, savoury reds. Originally famous for Muscat and Tokay liqueur, the fortified range now has expanded to include Verdelho, Pedro Ximenes liqueurs and aged Tawny.

Enjoy a selection of local cheeses to complement your wine tasting, or just sit out on the deck with a glass of fantastic wine. This is one tasting that needs to be taken slowly! Talijancich is open every day except Tuesdays.