Sandalford Winery

For many years, Western Australia’s iconic Sandalford Estate has been wooing the hearts of not only Perth locals, but a global market as well. This long standing winery has a charming rich history all set in the rich soiled Swan Valley wine region of Perth.

It all started when our beloved John Septimus Roe, WA’s first Surveyor General, was awarded approximately 4000 acres of land from the Queen of England for all the good work and time served (57 Years by then!!) in the Royal Navy and Commonwealth. This land stretched from the riverbanks of the Swan near Guildford, up towards the Perth Hills in the North. This is where Johnny Boy settled with his wife and 13 kids (WOH!) and established the famed Sandalford Estate property in the now known suburb of Caversham in 1840.

Roe named the property Sandalford in remembrance of a priory that he attended as a child, back in his home town of Berkshire in the UK. When Sandalford was in it’s early days it was not just a winery – all year round the estate was fully sustainable. From the harvesting of the fruit orchards onto the harvest of the table and wine grapes. Then it was onto letting some of the grapes dry up and turn into the delicious sugary sultanas and raisins that is a staple food item in a lot of our homes. The property was also the home to grazing cattle, sheep, an extensive range of vegetables and crops. Because of Sandalfords diversity and the Roe family’s pure commitment to the estate, this beautiful establishment was able to last through the Depression and press on to be one of Australia’s most successful and sustainable wineries in our current day.

Sandalford stayed within the Roe family up until 1991. When John Septimus Roe passed away the Estate was left to his eldest son, James. With James’ death, it was then given to his son John Frederick, and so forth.

In 1970, when Western Australia’s Margaret River region was proven to have the potential for exquisite viticulture and wine making – The Roe family didn’t waste any time making their mark. They purchased land in Wilyabrup and were among the first pioneers to establish vineyards in the premium wine country. This allowed for Sandalford wine makers to diversify what grapes they could grow and what wines they could craft – making many palates extremely happy.

1991 saw a new and exciting era for Sandalford Estate when the Prendiville Family, one of WA’s leading families in tourism and hospitality, purchased the establishment and added it to their impressive portfolio of outstanding venues. With this, came a massive revamp for Sandalford – they created an environment there that just draws people in from all over the state, country and the world. The award-winning restaurant on the property opened in 1998 – a must try venue for all those foodies out there. They also have numerous function rooms with that classic winery charm that is perfect for those romantic weddings and impressive corporate events. To the side of their venue is a large lawn area, where concerts are held under the glistening Perth skyline. Some of the worlds biggest stars have performed at the venue – Sandalford really know how to turn on a good show!

Sandalford Estate is that classic yet always restyling winery that brings together old and new world charm and sophistication. They know how to make wine to suit every taste bud with their wine portfolio showcasing over four ranges. From your entry level quaffa to that put away and cellar (or hide) vino for those extremely special occasions in life – they have it all!

We love taking our guests to Sandalford – whether it be for wine tastings and some cheese and crackers to nibble on, or for a delicious long lunch in their restaurant. WE ARE THERE! It’s a regular stop on our daily tours and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Have you experienced the magnificent Sandalford Estate? If you haven’t yet or you’re needing your fix, then we highly suggest joining a tour with us to get it!

If you’re organising a private or corporate tour, ask us about how we can include this iconic winery into your day. You won’t be disappointed!